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How to Download or Stream movies/video

How to Download or Stream movies/video

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Dr. Nurse Aide 2014 SP *Chiaki Kuriyama & Yukiyoshi Ozawa

40-year-old Mori Takeru/Ozawa Yukiyoshi works Kuraki Medical Hospital. He has set his sights on being a top class doctor; and believes he's reasonably hot. One day, the owner of the medical centre, Kuraki, collapses. He is no longer able to manage the hospital, his younger brother, Kuraki Hiromasa/Osugi Ren, assumes his position. Then, Mori is summoned by the new hospital director and hears the words, he never imagined. “Change the hospital. Create a nurse aide training course here. I will cultivate professional nurse aides.” Mori cannot believe his ears. A nurse aide is an odd job role. A job that even an ordinary person can do since it does not require qualifications. He protests, “If you talk of establishing a vocational school for nurses licensed by the national government as well as assistant nurses licensed by the local prefectural government, I can still understand that … …” That is when Kuraki orders him, “You should formally learn the work of a nursing aide as a person at the top.” “I’m a doctor!” Mori reminds Kuraki. But Kuraki’s response is, “I will change the hospital.” The nurse aide training course is launched at the hospital. With no way to disobey Kuraki, Mori is forced to go for the training despite his reluctance. One of the medical centre’s nurses, Hayashi Kotomi/Kuriyama Chiaki, is ordered to be a full-time instructor for the course. She refuses, complaining that it will cause an inconvenience when the hospital is facing a shortage of nurses and the nurses are completely exhausted every day.

Part 01
Part 02

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