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How to Download or Stream movies/video

How to Download or Stream movies/video

Sunday, October 20, 2019

Grand Maison Tokyo ☆ Takuya Kimura ☆ Kyoka Suzuki

The story begin with a talented Japanese chef named Natsuki Obana/Takuya Kimura who specializes in French cuisine. He's devoted his entire life perfecting his cooking style and skills. He also had his own restaurant in Paris, and earned two Michelin stars there. Hailed as a superstar chef in France, his confidence had turned into conceit. 

No matter how hard Natsuki tries in his cuisine perfection, to obtain the rating of three Michelin stars it's beyond his reach. He feels pressured and up against a wall. At this moment, a serious incident occurs at his restaurant, and he ends up losing both the property and his entire restaurant team.

While he's feeling at the lowest point in his profession, he happens to meet Rinko Hayami/Kyoka Suzuki, female chef. Natsuki makes his decision to start over again as a chef in Japan. He's determined to create the world’s greatest three Michelin star restaurant, and tries to form the best team.

Natsuki is spurned by his former colleagues and his problems, even though he has found new talent. But he does not give up. He shove unreasonable demands at others and aims to higher himself in doing so. The attitudes of the people around him gradually begin to change as they watch him grow as an individual; slowly his former restaurant team starts to gather together again... a strong human drama.

Episode 01A
Episode 01B (No Commercials)

Friday, October 18, 2019

Ariyoshi Japon ♥ 19.10.18

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Doctor X 2019 ☆ Ryoko Yonekura

Totei University Hospital has built a massive deficit. Investor Nicholas Tange/Masachika Ichimura, whose nickname is Vulture, comes up with a turnaround plan for the hospital. His plan implements restructuring and cost cutting. By Nicholas’ request, Michiko Daimon/Ryoko Yonekura begins to work at the Totei Hospital again.

Episode 01 (No Commercials)

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Mada Kekkon Dekinai Otoko ☆ Hiroshi Abe

Kuwano Shinsuke/Hiroshi Abe, a successful architect, is well-to-do, knowledgeable and good-looking. He is now 53, still lives alone in the same apartment, which has the latest gadgets, and enjoys single life. Although he fell for Hayasaka Natsumi, the doctor who treated him and changed his perspective toward marriage, and even dated, they later broke up. So Kuwano’s heart is shut firmly to love again. He is even more eccentric now, and feels a little anxious when he thinks about the future. One day, the wheels of fate start to move all of a sudden after a chance encounter with some women.

Episode 01 (No commercials)
Episode 02

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