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How to Download or Stream movies/video

How to Download or Stream movies/video

Thursday, October 3, 2013

DT DX 2013.09.26 SP *Kano Sisters EN Subtitled/Streaming

Downtown DX September 26, 2013 (20 year special edition) has been English subtitled for your enjoyment. The first part is a prelude/1:47 (part of part 1 and part 2 put together to form this short clip to give insight to the 2nd part/4:16 of this part 2 series. Kano Sisters (L-R: Kyoko and Mika) are the theme. They are famous in Japan for their beauty and glamorous lifestyle...
Prelude (1min 47 sec)
Kano Sisters (Fashion/4 min 16 sec)
 IF you enjoyed the short clips and want to see more. We have the link for the posting for the complete episode (not subbed). Click HERE


  1. Thanks for the subs! The Kano sisters are really a couple of old bloated women. I don't see how they are popular at all. No talent and ugly... maybe I can become a celebrity in Japan if I get fake boobs too!

  2. they used to be so beautiful, but 50/50 aint half bad! hahaha thanks for the subs!!! ~~~~ Andy

  3. Hello Andy and Anonymous #1,

    Thanks for the feedback. It's really nice to hear from you all. I'm "very" happy a few of you are commenting. I think they are still good-looking, but then I maybe older than you all. (Like Andy says... 50/50 is still not bad).

    What interests me is that "the sisters" spend so much money for their outfits and up-keep to beauty. Also if not mistaken, one of them may have been a "BOND GIRL"; in James Bond.

    Once again thanks for the comments!


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